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Kawauchi Campus, Multi-Media Building
November 11-12, 2024

Call for AbstractsTohoku University International Interdisciplinary Seminar November 3-5, 2023

The Tohoku University International Interdisciplinary Seminar (TUIIS) 2023 (Online Conference) invites you to submit an English abstract and general contact information for Interdisciplinary presentations related to particular topics within International Culture Studies. All presentations are in English.  We provide you with particular topics to explore various themes with the respective, but not limited to, sub-topics:

Climate Change Environment

Adaption and Vulnerability

Economic Crisis for Nature

Climate Resilient Buildings

Adaption and Vulnerability

Attainment of Resilience

Ecosystem Restoration

Digital Assets

Disaster Control

Safety and Prevention Mechanisms

Digital Assets

Technology Application



Critical Thinking

Educational foundations

Research and development methodologies

Early childhood and Primary Education

Secondary Education

Higher Education

Science and technology Education

Literacy, languages and Linguistics (TESL/TEFL)

Health Education

Sports Education

Sustainable Development Goals

Educational Sustainability

Economics in Sustainability

Business, Administration, and Management in Maintaining Sustainability

International Education and Exchange programs

Equity, social justice and social change

Organizational learning and change

Corporate Sustainability

We encourage submissions of abstracts for the following types of contributions:– Online Virtual Presentations-WorkshopsThe conference official language is ENGLISH. All Abstracts, Final Papers and Presentations must be in English.The typical composition of the Abstract should be summarily: motivation for the paper, objectives, what was done, how it was done and validated, major results and conclusions. In writing the abstract, please be quantitative and write clearly – DO NOT EXCEED the imposed characters length limit.An abstract is an extremely important part of the paper because it summarizes the entire paper – it’s the front window to show your work to the public and must allow the reviewers to make an intelligent decision about its acceptance.The submissions must report original, previously unpublished findings in the field.  ll submissions will be reviewed under the direction of the Scientific Committee.In the initial submission phase, we only accept abstracts, not complete papers or posters. Please use the template we provide as follows:,

Multiple Author submissions can include the secondary and other authors names in the abstract submission.


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