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The 27th Asian Youth Forum (AYF27) 2023

Information Update on Upcoming Event
Location:  Maros, Indonesia
Dates:  August 7-14, 2023

The event will be held in Bontoa, Maros and is being organized by the Dewan Pendidikan Kab Maros and FKIP Universitas Muslim Maros.

Ismail Suardi Wekke, a member of the organizing committee, stated that preparations are underway and that they are coordinating with the local government and private sector to ensure a successful event.

The Asian Youth Forum is an annual event that brings together young leaders from across Southeast Asia to discuss issues of concern and strategize for ways to achieve a better ASEAN Community.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting event!

Rammang-Rammang is The Host AYF27 2023

Bontoa, Maros is  home to the Rammang-Rammang tourist attraction. Rammang-Rammang is located in Salenrang Village, Bontoa District, Maros Regency, South Sulawesi. It is about 40 kilometers north of Makassar city center and takes about 2 hours to reach.

Rammang-Rammang is known for its stunning karst mountain landscape and is considered one of the largest karst areas in the world.

Organizers:  BOLT Outreach (an International Non-Profit Organization registered in Sendai in 2010) and Dewan Pendidikan Kabupaten Maros (an educational council in Maros founded November 2021). Directors and other officers of the organizations are accessible on the respective home pages.  The council has been actively working on establishing a network of cooperation among universities through a consortium to improve the quality of higher education.

Dewan Pendidikan Kabupaten Maros plays a significant role in improving the quality of education in Maros. The council works on establishing networks of cooperation among universities and other educational institutions to improve the quality of higher education. It also serves as a platform for discussing and addressing educational issues and concerns in the region.

One of the programs run by Dewan Pendidikan Kabupaten Maros is the Southeast Asia Academic Forum for Sustainable Development (SEA-AFSID). The council works in collaboration with STAI DDI Maros and UMMA to organize the event.

Asian Youth Forum (AYF) will be incorporated into the event of SEA-AFSID 2023. SEA-AFSID is a forum for research-based community service that brings together academics and researchers from Southeast Asia to discuss sustainable development issues.

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