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Welcome to Our Website

The mission of Balsamo Outreach for Learning and Teaching (BOLT) is to provide teacher training seminars or workshops that are relevant and practical. These seminars, workshops, or in-service teaching experiences provide various approaches to current educational theories and are based on a model of content-based instruction using English.

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Upcoming Events

Face to Face Conferences (30 selected participants for each Forum:  

AYF29August 20--27, 2024 Istanbul, Turkey;

AYF30 September 18-26, 2024 Barru, Indonesia; 

AYF31 November 10-14, 2024 Sendai, Japan. 



Tohoku University International Interdisciplinary Seminar 2023 (TUIIS 2024) November 12-13, 2024.  

Application Deadline:  July 15 2024

Date:  November 12-13, 2024

Location: Tohoku University, Kawauchi Campus; Sendai, Japan

Theme:  Sustainability in Interdisciplinary areas such as Disaster, Education, Health, and Agriculture

Registration Fee: 1000 yen payable upon confirmation


AYF29  August 20-27, 2024)  Istanbul, Turkey

AYF30 September 18-26, 2024 Barru, Indonesia


AYF31 Sustainability Sendai TOHKNET Hall  November 10-14, 2024 (Friday-Thursday) combined with the International Conference Environmental Seminar (ICES) November 10 and Tohoku University International Interdisciplinary Seminar 2024 (TUIIS 2024) at Tohoku University.  

9th BOLT/Da Lat University Language Teaching Conference

DaLat University; DaLat, Vietnam

Dates:  December TBA, 2025 (Friday-Saturday)

Newsletter Volume 10 Issue 1 (August 2023)

Newsletter Volume 10 Issue 2 (August 2023)
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